SEO A/B Split Testing for the Wicked

metamanager makes it simple to run A/B test for SEO without taking up time for developers or data scientists.

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SEO A/B Split Testing for the Wicked

Experiment & find your website's SEO sweet spot

Save time and resources our new SEO split testing feature. Run SEO A/B test within minutes and find out what works for your website

Split testing, also referred to as A/B testing, is a method of executing controlled, randomized experiments with the aim of improving key metrics such as clicks, click through rate (CTR) and/or conversions.

Test your SEO ideas

Test your SEO ideas

See your SEO ideas come to come to fruition, and estimate the potential value it can generate.
Client-Side implementation

Client-Side implementation

Integrate our snippet within seconds, and you can start your split testing journey.
Save developer time

Save developer time

No need for developer help or extra bugdet, and conduct experiments on any static CMS.
Validate SEO impact

Validate SEO impact

Find the value of a single isolated SEO change before an expensice site-wide implementation.

Super easy to get started

Chances are you're already possessing everything you need to start experimenting. The setup is easy, and from there you'll only need to get creative.


  1. Setup: Add JavaScript snippet to Google Tag Manager, and connect Google Search Console. All we need
  2. Experiment: Decide what to test, select pages into test and control groups, and click GO
  3. Analyse: Casual Impact integration will analyse the test data, and verify your hypothesis.

Estimated setup time: 5-10 minutes.

Make all changes in the platform

Edit the specific pages you want to run an experiment on directly in our platform, and publish immediately. You can then select and separate pages into control and test groups, start the experiment and just wait for it to be done.

SEO Split Test Setup

Monitor and analyse the results

The results are yours for the taking. Test SEO ideas and hypothesis to discover your SEO sweetspot.

SEO Split Test Graph

Assistance, or take action into your own hands?

metamanager makes it so easy to conduct your own A/B testing for SEO, but we're always ready to help you get started with A/B testing. Get contacted by our Experiment specialist.

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