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metamanager is a SEO Ads Manager for streamlining and automating on-page SEO optimization.

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Tired of waiting?

SEO content strategy is ready. Keyword analysis and technical audit documents received. You're ready to tackle the SEO beast of a task, but then the waiting...

Get more SEO execution and say hello to metamanager, providing a simple solution to an advanced issue:

  • Issue: Bad page titles & descriptions. No schema. No developers. Duplicate Content.

  • Goal: Increase organic traffic. Attract new customers.

  • Solution: Use metamanager to add & automate schema markup, page titles & descriptions directly to your website.

We edit meta tags, but what are they?

This HTML code right here? It's meta data underneath the hood.

html meta tags example

And this is an example of structured data in my page source.

schema snippet example

Search engines read these tags and structured code to understand your page. For instance the <title> tag is used to display your page title in search results. Structured data is additional markup of information to help engines (it's a machine after all).

Why should you care about meta tags?

Search results is where it starts. Which one of these would you click?

Truth is, most websites don't utilise their meta tags potential.

Page titles either too short or too long
Meta descriptions too short, long or just missing
Page titles duplicate or similar to other titles
Websites lack structured data
Not using correct keyword in page title

Why is meta tags not fixed?How did we end up here?

Lack of time

Who have time for SEO anyway?

No developer resources

Developer required to implement stuff, but are they available? Often not.

Bureaucratic nightmare

Your boss needs to talk to the boss of the boss, momentum lost along the way.

Unsure where to start

Field of SEO is confusing, and knowing where to start is not always easy.

Little PR/marketing budget

Hard time allocating some money to SEO rather than PPC, ammirite?

Why care about meta tags?

Not knowing how much meta tags affects organic traffic performance. Bad mistake.

How we can help you

In metamanager, you can add, edit and publish page titles, meta descriptions and structured data directly to your website, fast. No need for developers, and we don't care about which website system you use.

Our system also provides which keywords to optimise with, and give recommendations on how to write content according to SEO best practices. Last, you'll get historical traffic insight per page for better judgement.

This saves you time and money, and helps you improve your organic traffic performance.

2845 titles and 1264 description edited within days. 34% performance increase YoY. We were also adding schemas for our blog posts within minutes, a process we always had to involve developers to help us with before. Time saved here is immeasurable.

Our first B2B customer

Optimise titles and descriptions - fast

Edit your page title or meta description, and publish directly to your website. Even better: get a score score if your title follows known SEO best practices.

schema product slideover

Add Structured data/Schema Markup

Adding structured data to your page can help search engines understand your content (it's a machine after all). In addition, certain schemas will give extra features in search results, so called "rich snippets".

Best thing? You can add these within minutes on our platform.

Read more here.

Keyword optimise your page titles

Does your page title contain the keyword it should?

Our platform shows you top keywords and their performance per page. Add strategic query and then monitor the ranking position (POS COMP) change over time.

keyword table example

SEO test - See effects from title changes

Experiment with your page titles to find your sweet spot. Try adding year, month, a cool slogan or whatever comes to mind.

How to get started

  • 1. Book a demo or send a mail to [email protected].

  • 2. Create account & connect your domain

  • 3. Start SEO tests, implement successful changes & continue optimising

  • 4. Reap your rewards with improved organic traffic performance