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Identify opportunity, change immediately. Cut the wait and start SEO execution.

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metamanager is a SEO Ads Manager for streamlining and fixing on-page SEO. Stop waiting for SEO implementations to take place and get it done quickly, saving time and increasing organic traffic in the process.

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Easy to get started

Combine with any CMS or modern web technologies
Tech Independent
Get started in minutes. Simple and secure deployment.
No-code Solution
Global availability, lightning fast processing of requests.
Fast & Scalable

Execute on critical on-page elements for SEO

Add, edit, update and publish meta tags, or deploy structured data to gain rich result features. Even the smallest adjustments can make a huge impact.

Services available

From editing to experimentation.

Improve Meta Tags
Optimize page titles & meta descriptions
Fix Issues
Control canonicals, noindex/nofollow & hreflang
Try Schema Markup
Add structured data types supporting your content. Learn more.
Start SEO Split Testing
Take out the guesswork from SEO, experiment towards growth. Learn more.