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Modify and deploy SEO changes to your website directly from our platform. Edit page titles, meta descriptions, structured data, canonical and more for fast results.

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Optimise meta tags

SEO A/B split testing

Deploy Schema Markup

CMS independent

Who are metamanager for?

Those tired of waiting months for simple SEO implementations
Has to work with slow or legacy CMS
Want to test SEO changes for fast results and organic growth
Need a solution to streamline & automate SEO
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Use our platform to

  • Execute SEO changes quicker than ever
  • Improve titles & descriptions within minutes
  • Deploy structured data insanely fast
  • Perform SEO A/B split tests for remove guesswork
  • ... and much more

Done waiting for developers to implement your SEO recommendations?

Developer has no time, or an enourmous backlog, and you have a little list of simple SEO changes that you know will grow traffic. Now you wait... for months. Drop this frustrating development bottlenecks and grow your organic traffic faster. minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)