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Optimise meta tags

SEO A/B split testing

Deploy Schema Markup

CMS independent

How can metamanager benefit you? Book a demo and we'll show you.

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What do we offer here?

  • Edit meta tags & publish directly to your website
  • Test & experiment to see what works or not
  • Groundbreaking fast implementation of schemas
  • Best practise recommendation system
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It's really simple to get started

CMS independent

We don't care if you use Wordpress or any other CMS or framework. Our solution works independently to whatever you have.

Fast implementation

It takes literaly minutes to get your website implemented with our solution, and we'll help you with it.


Not sure what to fix when you have an account? We'll help you get started with fixing bugs and set up your first test.

No obstacle

Oh, you don't have a Google Search Console account? No worries. We'll help you set this up.

All-you-need platform

metamanager offers a range of features to fast track your way to improved organic traffic performance

Optimise page titles

Your gateway to organic traffic. Ensure your title is SEO best practice optimised.

Optimise meta descriptions

Your search result description with power to raise your click-through rate (CTR).

Add structured data/schema

Mark your content to help search engines understand your content better.

CMS independent solution

Our solution does not care which CSM or framework you have. Circumvent your limitations.

Add robots.txt

Control which pages should be indexed or not.

Add canonical

Help Google to understand which pages should be canonicalised or not.

Keyword insight

Get top query performance per page, and recommendation for which to optimise with.

Traffic performance insight

Make changes to title or description, and see how your new version compares to the old one.

Super Tip #1: Schema Markup

Structured markup may provide rich snippets in search results, the "low-hanging Fruit of SEO". Read more here.

Super Tip #2: Year & Month in Page Title

Adding simple information such as year and month to page title has proved to give an uptick in performance.

Super Tip #3: Page Title length

Page titles should have 60-65 characters. Increase performance with best practice length.